1000+ Unbelievably Effortless Ways to Enjoy Sundays-LDS Sabbath Day Activities-TenCows

Family gathered together in kitchen enjoying a LDS Sabbath Day Activities

When Sunday’s roll around I want to keep the spirit in our home with fun things to do for our son. When we get back from church at times i’m tired & sifting through LDS Sabbath Activities online that are enjoyable & edifying is a challenge. The goal of this eBook was for parents to…

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Surprising Breakthrough Research On Children & LDS Family History

Mom playing with child. Show how LDS Family History can raise children with health self esteems.

LDS FAMILY HISTORY STRENGTHENS YOUR CHILDS SELF ESTEEM As a parent, raising a child who has a healthy self-esteem is one of my greatest desires. I believe that living and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ is an important part of my son’s development in this area. I am learning that our family history is…

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What is the truest mark of success?

success by benjamin-davies

I woke up this morning sorting through my school files. I read through some words given to me from a Book of Mormon class I took at BYU Idaho in 2009. All these quotes are from Gordon B. Hinckly. I’ll paste three parts the stuck out the most to me: “Husbands, live the gospel. Be…

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Steven Spielberg Giving Advice On The Holy Ghost?

Surprised LDS Boy

Learning From Others Is Important I know it is weird to think that something inspirational could come from a movie director, or at least that’s what I thought. I think what he says here is really on point. I’ve been finding so much in my life that it’s really easy to get caught up in…

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Ever Felt Unsure Of Your Worth?

woman daughter of god selfworth

Ever Felt Unsure Of Your Worth? Ok the initial image here on this video isn’t the greatest, but what this mom has to say is so important! Have there have been times  where you have felt broken and not sure of your worth. I know I sure have. I want to remember what she says…

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Embrace The Chaos of Being An LDS Mom

mom playing with child enjoying motherhood

Who Can Relate To This Mom? Wow I can definitely relate to this. When I first watched this video I thought I think I might be standing in the way of my own happiness as a mom! As a mom I think it easy to get caught up in the daily grind of things. At…

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Can You Be Angry And Still Have Peace In Your Home?

family by water representing family contention

Contention drives our family members away. I read Ezra Taft Bensons talk titled “Beware Of Pride”.  This phrase stood out to me “Contention in our families drives the Spirit of the Lord away. It also drives many of our family members away. Contention ranges from a hostile spoken word to worldwide conflicts.” I looked up…

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Too Spank Or Not To Spank, That Is The Question!

little girl smiling article about spanking

Human Connection I read an article called “The Opposite Of Addiction is Connection”.  What stood out to me was that we need human connection and what is being found, that many issues come from lack of attachment in the home as children. You could say that you could still have a good relationship with your…

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How Alicia Keys Gives Practical Advice On The Holy Ghost

mother with baby learning the spirit

Embrace Not Doing Too Much Too often I get caught up in life and find it easy to lose sight of who I am. I know it’s strange to relate thoughts from a celebrity to the gospel, but here are my thought’s when I watched this. In this video Alicia talks about taking the time…

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Electrifying Charge To The Women Of The Church

woman with light behind her. Daughter of God

I read a talk from Sis. Sharon Eubank titled “Turn On Your Light”. There were four thoughts that stood out to me. Being Righteous Doesn’t Mean Being Perfect..It Means Developing An Inner Connection With God Often times I find it easy to see the mistakes I’ve made and seems to build up to a list…

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