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Finding My Voice Of Influence In The World

What I’d Like To Write About

Finding my angle on this website has been awhile in the making and am sure it will changes as time progresses. Right now a couple of things that interest me are:

  • Teaching kids to recognize the spirit and learn characteristics of Jesus. I feel like there is so much noise out there. I feel like it’s really important for us to know and especially teach our kids to know ourselves and think this can be done by recognizing the spirit.
  • the way God wants it. I feel like in our society that it’s really normal to be harsh in our parenting to kids and I’m exploring to find how God wants me to parent. What are his ways and how can I be the kind of parent our son that he would have me be?
  • Raising leaders, not followers. Teaching kids to think, not believe everything they hear or see but to ask questions. Think for yourself not from others. Education is freedom from bondage of mans ideas.
  • Family, marriage & communication. I thought when I was single that I knew how to communicate and thought I’d be great at the marriage thing. I’m not but I’ve been learning a ton and am r grateful for Heavenly Fathers help and guidance in these things.
  • Boundary setting. A big struggle and learning curve I have is with boundaries. When I do set them, I feel guilty for doing it. I have been trying to figure this out and don’t have the exact answer but I am learning and want to continue to learn how to do this.

Help Kids Manage Their Emotions

The following articles I read and like are regarding parenting. These articles are someones opinions and experiences but what I want to emphasize here is learning by the spirit. When you read these articles pay attention to what stands out to you, don’t take every thought as literal but see how you feel and what stands out to you.

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