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Electrifying Charge To The Women Of The Church

I read a talk from Sis. Sharon Eubank titled “Turn On Your Light”. There were four thoughts that stood out to me.

Being Righteous Doesn’t Mean Being Perfect..It Means Developing An Inner Connection With God

Often times I find it easy to see the mistakes I’ve made and seems to build up to a list of thing’s i’ve done wrong. I have been learning that it shouldn’t be like that. I think developing a connection with my Heavenly Father is far more important than keeping a tally of all the thing’s of done wrong in the day.

Being Articulate Means To Clearly Express How you Feel About Something And Why

In her talk she spoke of a response her friend, who is a member of a differnt faith gave in response to a comment about Christianity on social media. Sis. Eubank liked how she was able to clearly articulate and stand up for her beliefs.

This stood out to me because I have seen posts of friends on Face book who are no longer members of my faith making comments I don’t feel are accurate of our religion. I have often wondered what I should say or if I should say anything at all. Often the comments seem to get heated and I would never respond because didn’t want to make a situation worse, didn’t want the person to have hard feelings towards me and just didn’t know how to say it.

I love this because I feel like she’s encouraging us to speak up and say something when I hear something that I don’t agree with. As she touched on in her talk I think it can be done clearly and articulately.


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Innovation And Creation Are Spiritual Gifts

This was one of my favorites thoughts she touched on.

I have been working on a business I have for years and it’s been very frustrating. I just have not felt happy or good during much of the time. The other week I was reading scriptures and was pondering on how how good I felt and contrasted that with how I felt when I worked on my business.

I don’t think i’m supposed to be feeling as bad as I have been. I have been trying to align my business and life decisions with the clarity, peaceful, happy feeling I feel when I read the scriptures. I’ve been trying to resolve that when I do business I also can and should feel good and if I don’t its an indication to me to step back a bit.

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Being Happy Doesn’t Mean To Slap A Plastic Smile On Your Face

“It does mean keeping the laws of God and building and lifting others”…

There is an energy that comes from happiness and optimism that doesn’t just bless us—it builds everyone around us.I love how this talk about when you look forward with faith it builds those around.

This talk was beautiful.

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