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Ever Felt Unsure Of Your Worth?

Ever Felt Unsure Of Your Worth?

Ok the initial image here on this video isn’t the greatest, but what this mom has to say is so important!

Have there have been times  where you have felt broken and not sure of your worth. I know I sure have. I want to remember what she says here during those times. She says:

“Even when my life feels like a chaotic mess, I focus on the little things I do have…. I am done focusing on all the things I can’t do and all the things I don’t have, all of that negative noise….

Shut Down That Noise!

Have you ever felt like there’s so many things you struggle with? I love what she has learned. It’s gold.

…what I have learned is that…when I shut down that NOISE and instead focus on the things I already have and the things I CAN do, that’s when I feel PEACE!…that’s where I can fully embrace and EMBRACE my crazy..life”

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Focus On Light

I love this because even though she isn’t a member of our faith, it rings true. I think that Heavenly Father wants us to be happy. I don’t think he is content when we focus on the things we aren’t good at all the time.

I think focusing on the light that we have and on the things we CAN do strengthens our faith & brings light into our lives. I think it helps us learn the light of our Heavenly Father & brings us closer to him.

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