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When Sunday’s roll around I want to keep the spirit in our home with fun things to do for our son. When we get back from church at times i’m tired & sifting through LDS Sabbath Activities online that are enjoyable & edifying is a challenge.

The goal of this eBook was for parents to have Sabbath friendly activities that are fun, quick, & easy to reach for, making sabbath days memorable. Here’s 30 of the activities that are found in the 1000+ Unbelievably Effortless Ways to Enjoy Sundays Ebook.


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I loved the Arts & Crafts section! I’m not sure if I said let’s do arts & crafts, that my husband would be as excited as I! =) Seems like anytime we spend together as a family is a great time for our son, so i’m sure my he’ll be quick to join! I look forward to getting into these with them!

  1. Give each team a bag and a list of things to collect. (e.g. 5 flowers, 4 pebbles, 7 twigs, 10 leaves). Once the items have been found, each team create a 3D nature picture.
  2. Family story book: Everyone picks a memory, draws their version of it, and writes a short summary about it. Share your memories with each other.
  3. Children love to put puzzles of themselves together. Have a photo of a child’s face enlarged to eight-by-ten inches. Mount the photo on heavy cardboard with rubber cement. Cut it into three or four pieces. Store it in a box.
  4. Book of Mormon Puzzle: Draw your favorite scene or character from the Book of Mormon and cut it up into pieces. The smaller the pieces the harder it will be to put it back together. Then have fun putting it back together.


The “At Home” activities section can be enjoyed all year round indoors & outdoors. A couple of ideas that i’m excited to try out with my family are:

  1. Sunlight Bounce: Use as many mirrors as you can find to bounce sunlight around corners, around the house. Take turns at seeing how far you can get your sunlight to travel.
  2. Write out a list of about five items (rock, leaf, grass, dirt, etc.). Carry the list and let the child carry a small paper bag. Go for a walk and see if you can find the items. Encourage the child to find each item by asking, “Can you find a rock?” Look for one thing at a time. When all the items are found, sit down together and talk about the items. Smell, touch, and look at them. Talk about color, shape, texture, and weight.
  3. Street View Stories. Something our son loves to do, is to hear family stories. We’ll go onto Google Maps Street View and my husband will show our son where he grew up, the streets he played on, the houses of his friends etc. We’ll also tell him stories about his Great Grandparents who live in South America and will show him the street they lived on, what it looked like and what we would do for fun when we’d visit them.


What I really liked about the “Family Study” chapter was the ton of mini lessons that literally would take a minute.

I often wonder what I can do to quickly teach my son the gospel but not make a whole long lesson. I love this section because when i’m up to it I have a ton of bite size quick mini lessons that I can reference too.

I can glaze over a couple of questions, get the jist of it, so next time the opportunity rises I’ll already have something on my mind.

Here’s a couple of selections I’ll be adding to my “gospel mom tool belt” lol.

  1. What were the names of the four sons of Mosiah? (Mosiah 27:34.)
  2. Why were the Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s not afraid to die? (Alma 27:28.)
  3. Who was Helaman? (Helaman 2:2.) Why did Helaman name his sons after Nephi and Lehi? (Helaman 5:6.)
  4. How did Jesus Christ communicate with the Lamanites in the prison? (Helaman 5:29–30.)
  5. What must we do after we pray so that our prayers are effective? (Alma 34:28.)


I love when I have the opportunity to be outside. A few activities from the “Outdoor Activities” chapter are:

  1. Secretly take a photo of nature somewhere in the yard and get the family to try and find it by only using the clues in the photo.
  2. Take an “alphabet walk” with your family. Find things outside that start with each letter of the alphabet. If you can’t go outside, stay inside and find the items in your home.
  3. Be blindfolded and be lead on a mini nature to appreciate your senses more. Read the passage about the healing of a blind man (found in Luke 18:35-42) and discuss the blessings of sight. Walk around the temple grounds.
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FAMILY HISTORY: (Not as boring as it sounds, promise!)

The word Family history & Genealogy I think sometimes get a bad wrap. Maybe it’s just me. I hear the words and think It’s kinda boring and I don’t know where to start. I know it sounds bad. but

The truth is, I believe that it’s important and in the blessings that come from doing it.

I actually found an interesting study showing how learning our family history actually can affect the resiliency & self esteem of our children. I wrote a summary of the article here. I loved learning about how it can benefit my son because it gave me some extra motivation to get started with it.

Anyways a couple of ideas that actually got me excited to look into my family history were these ones:

  • Decorate your home with the colors of your ancestors’ flag. If you have Italian ancestors, use green, red, and white.
  • Celebrate Christmas by making presents that were popular during your grandparents’ time.
  • If your people are Scottish, try to find out what their clan’s plaid looked like. Use the colors of your ancestors glad in a throw pillow, a patchwork quilt, Christmas decorations, or a family banner.
  • Learn about an ancestor’s homeland, including the area’s history and traditions. Find out about games and music that were popular when and where your ancestor lived, and try them out with your children.
  • Create a calendar with birthdays of special ancestors. Celebrate with a party and tell stories that demonstrate some of their personality traits. You could even dress up and act out family stories to help bring them to life.


One of the activities that I love from the “Service: list is:

  1. Take food to the bishop on a Sunday afternoon or weeknight when he has been at the ward for several hours.

In passing one of the members in our ward suggested this as an idea for our Bishop.

Our Bishop as I am sure many are, works really hard for our ward. Here at BYU Hawaii we have a stake farm for the students here on campus. From the moment our Bishop got called he started planting a garden. At first I thought it was for him and his family. I’d see him working there multiple times a week, working really hard. I thought he must not have garden space at his house and was really excited to finally have some large planting area.

As time went on I noticed that Bishop started bringing big stalks of freshly cut bananas and sometimes papayas to our married housing complex. He’d drop it off and tell us to share with our neighbors. This has happened so many times over the couple of years we’ve been here.

It turns out that Bishop was not just excited to have a new plot to plant food for is family! (lol) Since the beginning he was planting a garden to support his new ward family. Finding this out is humbling.

We have done this idea and brought dinner over to him once. Even though it has just been that one time, it felt so good to give back to the man who is continually helping us.

Each ward, Bishop and person is different, but this one activity worked well for us.

A couple of more ideas we are looking forward too are:

  1. Polish your parents’ shoes to prepare for Sunday.
  2. Plan a day to make your siblings’ beds.
  3. Give a stuffed animal toy to the children’s ward of a local hospital.


Growing up, my family wasn’t musically inclined in terms of knowing how to play instruments. Since my husband and I have been married we wanted to make music more of a part of our lives and part of our traditions. A couple of activities that stood out to me in the “Music” chapter are:

  1. Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what it sounds like.
  2. Look in the back of the hymnbook or Children’s Songbook to learn how to conduct music. Conduct your family in a few of their favorite hymns or Primary songs.
  3. Family Music Recital: Split up alone or in groups, practice a song and put on a performance for each other!


My son really like games & was excited for this section. A couple of game ideas that got him excited were:

  1. “What’s Missing?” You will need a tray and various objects like jar tops and crayons. Start by asking the child to look closely and try to remember everything on the tray. Ask him to close his eyes. While his eyes are closed, take one thing off the tray and hide it. Then ask the him to open his eyes and try to tell which object is missing. You can make the game harder by adding more objects.
  2. Animal Expedition: Hide toy animals or pictures of them, around the house without telling your children. Find a fact on the animals and lead the kids on an expedition to see what animals you can find. Share your interesting fact about the creature when you find it and afterwards talk about Heavenly Fathers many creations. For added fun, turn off the lights and use a flashlight to find the animals.
  3. Compliment Game: Pick a family member then everyone says something they love about that person. Do this until everyone has a turn. This is great at the dinner table or we will also sit in a circle roll the ball to each.
LDS Sabbath Activities Ebook

Create Family Memories On The Sabbath With 1000+ Sabbath Activities



The “coloring pages” chapter is awesome. There are enough pages to print off 4 unique church related coloring pages each week for the 52weeks. (One Year) and not have to color the same picture twice.  Here’s a sample of them:

1000+ LDS Sabbath Activities Coloring Page Example

LDS Sabbath Activities Lions Den Coloring Page Example

Connect the dot LDS Sabbath Activities Coloring Page Example of David & Goliath


“The Friend Activities & Stories” chapters are a neatly organized list’s of activities compiled in one easily accessible area for your convenience:

The activities here are perfect lessons you can jump onto easily whether it’s a quick story for bedtime or a quick go to lesson for Family Home Evening.

Easy to find and having it right at the tip of your fingers, makes it a favorite of mine. Here’s a couple of examples(the links are all included, no copy and pasting of the story titles):

  1. The Book of Mormon—Fact or Fiction? As a family read “Fiction or Nonfiction?” (January 2012 Friend) Take turns sharing your feelings about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon.
  2. Read “An Experiment in Forgiving” and “Birthday Cookies” (April 2004 Friend). What did each of the children in these stories learn about forgiveness? Can you think of a time you forgave someone? How did you feel? Commit to follow the example of these children and be forgiving.
  3. Making Friends with People Who Are Different. Read “We’re All Shoes,” a story about a boy who makes friends with people from different backgrounds (August 2010 Liahona and Ensign). How do you treat people who might seem different? Sing “I’ll Walk withYou” (Children’s Songbook, 140–41) and discuss how you can be kind to everyone.


General conference for the first couple of years was painful in terms of our son being bored out of his mind. Now as parent’s we’re learning and he’s starting to look forward to the activities we get to do for General Conference. A couple of fun ideas are:

  1. Conference Cash, where you use conference cash to reward good behavior. I think it’d be fun too as rewards for the winning at conference bingo.
  2. Make a tent with blankets with the door facing toward the television. Read the article and do the color by number of King Benjamin from the August 2001 Friend 18-19. What kid doesn’t love a good fort?


Indoor Activities – 137 Indoor Activities

Fun indoor activities you can do all year round.

Family Study Ideas – 134 Activities

The FHE Cheat Sheet. The quick & easy guide for last minute lessons for those with short attention spans.

Quick & easy questions to keep conversations rolling. Sunday’s don’t need to be big and planned out, grab a question from here once in a while and your good to go.

Outdoor Activities – 12 Activities

Fun activities to keep the Sabbath interesting & outdoors.

Family History – 25 Activities

Family History is entertaining, engaging & fun with these activities.

Family Service Ideas – 84 Activities

Fun Service projects ideas.

Musical Themed Ideas – 26

Musical ideas for the musically inclined.

Games – 26

What kid doesn’t love games?

General Conference Ideas – 18

Keep the littles one engaged with this

Coloring Pages – 299

Downloadable & Ready to Print

The Friend Activities – 133

Fun activities from The Friend Magazine

Children Stories – 49

Kids stories from The Friend


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