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How Alicia Keys Gives Practical Advice On The Holy Ghost

Embrace Not Doing Too Much

Too often I get caught up in life and find it easy to lose sight of who I am. I know it’s strange to relate thoughts from a celebrity to the gospel, but here are my thought’s when I watched this.

In this video Alicia talks about taking the time to “embrace not doing too much”. When I watched this I noticed when I take the time to slow down and enjoy life more, I find this is when I feel peace, joy and light. That’s when I find myself a bit more.

We Have the Spirit with Us More Than We Think We Do

I’ve noticed with friends that a lot of times they feel like they often don’t have the spirit with them. They don’t feel worthy. I think we have the spirit with us more than we think we do.

I have found it to be true that when I get too caught up in what people are telling, teaching me, or comparing myself to others it’s easy to lose myself to those voices. I struggle to know what feels right to me. I am learning that when things “resonate” with me and feel right, I’m learning that for me that’s the spirit.

Explore Who You Are

To me I think it’s important to explore who we are. I agree with Alicia that one of the keys to success (and not success defined by the world) is finding out who you are and to embrace it. When I do this I feel light, I feel like I’m learning the spirit.


Alicia Keys – Embrace Who You Are

"Really try to find it out for yourself."- Alicia Keys

Posted by Goalcast on Thursday, June 22, 2017


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